About Us

About Us


Our vision is to exceed the expectations of our clients and to supply our clientele with only the highest quality products and information. We strive to cultivate camaraderie and give top-notch service, as well as provide a relaxed atmosphere and overall satisfaction.

Our Story

In 2016, Chosephine Baker and Easy the Barber ventured into a partnership business, Beauty and a Beast Hair Studio, LLC. Instantly creating an atmosphere where beauty/barbering services could be shared so intimately, sharing clients alike, making strangers into friends and clients into family made this Tag Team Duo a great business combination, not to mention they are Best Friends. BBHS is the best of both worlds, pairing excellent customer service with passion, they are humbled by every client that chooses them. BBHS is determined to provide an experience of hair care that is not only unique, but fulfilling to every individual clients needs. YOU ARE SPECIAL!

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